50 for 50 Teacher Stipend Program

The founders of the Islamic Community School were committed to making an Islamic education not only nurturing for young minds, but also affordable for their families.  This often comes at a great personal cost to the staff that volunteers in order to keep the school’s doors open.

The school operates on a shoestring budget. In spite of few timely and consistent donations, we have continued to carry on developing young minds for the task of leading the Muslim community of tomorrow.

To secure the future of our school and its students we created a monthly giving program entitled “50 for 50 Teacher Stipend Program”. Originally the goal was to find 50 benefactors who believed in supporting the development of young minds by donating $50 a month.  We’ve expanded this into four separate giving levels with targeted goals.

The four giving levels are:

1.     ICS Senior Circle at $50 a month (goal of 50 donors)

2.     ICS Junior Circle at $25 a month (goal of 100 donors)

3.     ICS Sophomore Circle at $10 a month (goal of 200 donors)      

4.     ICS Freshman Circle at $5 a month (goal of 300 donors)

Please find a giving amount that is suitable to you.  Whether it’s a one time donation or a monthly donation, your contribution will make a difference in the lives of the faculty, staff, families, and most importantly the students of Islamic Community School.  Please donate generously.