Community Service


Every year the students in each class conduct a community service project. The project serves the local or international Muslim community. The projects are designed to instill in the children a sense of responsibility in their community and allow them to adopt a selfless nature.

Past projects have included:community service

  • Reading to a Kindergarten class
  • Packaging Meat to give to the local masajid
  • Creating Arabic books and distributing them to a local Daycare
  • Cleaning the area around the school
  • Giving canned goods to a homeless shelter
  • Selling handmade jewelry boxes and giving the money to Islamic Relief
  • Hosting a Hair Braiding Party for young girls around Eid time to allow their mothers to have a break
  • Painting a local masjid
  • Selling Du’ah Cards, Islamic Pictures and Calligraphy
  • Selling bean pies and giving the money to MSSA

MDMgxxkuRw2HSzl1RihpAi9wjq40ubWSHM-80aO1rBkThe students really enjoy serving their community and look forward to creating ideas and implementing them. They receive their inspiration for the projects from a Hadith or Quranic ayah. They also investigate the immediate need of their community and assess where they can help. Students also research places and people in need in locations abroad and see where they can help.

We pray that they will be rewarded for their efforts.