Testimonials From Students

         The Islamic Community School(ICS) Is a big part of who I am today and who I will become in the future. As a small child, coming from a different state and lifestyle, I at first did not know how to respond socially to everyone. So instead, I acted out with anger and rebellion. The staff of the ICS took the time to sculpt and mold me into a respectful Muslimah.

During my education at the ICS, I learned life skills, how to be unified with the community, how to assist others for Allah’s sake, and how to be a pious woman in the eyesight of Allah. Aside from that, I was taught almost two Juz of Qur’aan, the Arabic Language almost fluently, and Islamic Studies and History along with the standard school curriculum.

Now that I am part of the alumni, I understand how blessed I was to be a part of such a beautiful establishment. Every day I miss waking up early, putting on my royal blue and white uniform, and continuing my life as a student.

This school has changed the way I view life and in my experience there not only did I gain knowledge but I gained a family as well.

~Nadito Malika Leslie