ICS Goes Green

“I will create a vicegerent on earth.” Surah Baqarah, Ayah 30

In 2008, students at the school became more aware of the environment through the ICS Goes Green Campaign. The campaign was designed to last for the month of April in conjuction with Earth Month, but it extended for the rest of the year. During that year they did several activities inside of the school as well as outside to show their love and respect for the environment.


Some of the activities were:

  • Adding Green recycling bins in every classroom
  • Visiting a local Nursery and learning about flowers, organic plants & gardening equipment
  • Planting Flowers in classroom window sills
  • Visiting a Recycling Plant and learning about the recycling process
  • Cleaning up a stream in Leakin Park
  • Visiting an Environmental Plant with a local environmentalist
  • Attending the Eco Fest in Druid Hill Park and going on a nature hike and tour
  • Taking the school’s collected recycling items to a local Recycling Drop off Center and emptying it there
  • Putting “Green Reminder” notes around the school
  • Writing Essays about why we should care for the Earth

The school and Masjid As-Saffat continue to recycle on a weekly basis.

The school’s campaign was showcased in a slideshow presentation at the 2008 MANA conference in Philadelphia, PA during a workshop entitled, “From the Farm to the Hood: Islam’s Impact on the Environment”. One of the teachers, Sis. Nazaahah Amin, was a panelist.

    Students at Druid Hill Park’s Annual Eco Fest
      Students in an empty recycling container at Baltimore City’s recycling Center on Sisson Street