Our Staff

The faculty and staff of the Islamic Community School are comprised of seasoned administrators, professionally trained educators, imams, local leaders, and committed volunteers of varying disciplines.  But the driving force for our school has always been parents and community members who put a premium on raising children with a strong Islamic identity, academic achievements, and a commitment to excellence. Their service has never been properly compensated, but this has not stopped them from giving their all, to the student of ICS.


Our Current Administrators, Staff, and Volunteers for the 2016-2017 school year:


Principal and Teacher – Zakia Amin                    Grades 4-12

Principal and Teacher – Rehana bint Yahya        Grades 4-12




Ruwaydah Amin                    Grades 4-6
Aliyah Hanif                            Grades 1-3
Hakeemah  Abdul-Aziz         Grades 1-6


School Counselor

Hassan Amin


Community Volunteers

Maisha Muhammad

Aisha Abdullah

Nazaahah Amin

Dadria Stith