Spelling Bee

photo credit: Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2013

photo credit: Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2013

The students participate in a school-wide spelling bee every year.

The students diligently study their word list and are excited about the competition.

The Bees have lasted anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Several times we have had two final spellers battle it out for a while because they both are great spellers!

After students have won, they have gone on to compete in the citywide Baltimore Bee. We have participated in the Baltimore Bee for 6 years and our students have gone on to round 3.

This year’s Bee took place on February 20, 2017!

2017 Winners

1st Grade        Hawari Fowlkes

2nd Grade       Nasareya Abdullah

3rd Grade        Naeema Abdullah and Zakee Khlifi

4th Grade        Rania Amin

5th Grade        Davon Merrick

6th Grade        Khalil Blue

7th Grade        Rashid McLeod

8th Grade        Jabril Abdul Aziz and Fawaz Abdullah

2016 Winners

Grade 1  Samir Qeliqi and Mashee’ah Sharp
Grade 2 Naeema Abdullah and Zakee Khlifi
Grade 3 Rania Amin
Grade 6 Rashid McLeod
Grade 7 Fawaz Abdullah
Grade 8 Jennah Abdul Aziz