37 years ago, sisters attending Masjid As-Saffat took the monumental step in teaching the very lively and young spirit-minded children Allah’s (SWT) only acceptable religion to all of mankind, Islam.  By the permission of Allah (SWT), my wife taught there and our 6 children all attended there from kindergarten through grade 12, and graduated.  We had children attending from 1980 until 2012.  That’s a school record remaining to be broken!  May Allah (SWT) allow the staff of the school to continue this very needed legacy of success!!!!

-Abdul Muhsiy Abdul-Rahman



I am very pleased with the school as a mom of an alumni and my youngest daughter still attending the school. As I watch how knowledgeable they are in everything I am very impressed and appreciative of how the teachers gave my children a sense of extended family, security and love. I watch my daughters grow into knowledgeable young women in the deen, math, history and English. My daughters read all Arabic and understand. They are currently teaching me. They are my references and that us because of the teachers of ICS.

This school is a blessing to me and my girls. What ever you can contribute towards the education or the teachers will be a blessing. I am very proud to be part of ICS History.

-Nadia A. McIntosh



As an alumni of this school, I knew that this was the only place I would send my child when he started grade school. He has been in school less then a month and he already learned 4 new surahs, his attributes, the five pillars, the seven articles of faith and a so much more. His behavior has even improved as well. This school is certainly the best school in the USA

-Ruwaydah Amin-Wright